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In a world driven by technology and reliant on data, Sax Technology Advisors (STA) provides solutions and expertise to shield clients from threats while ensuring they are fully functional and productive at all times.

Whether serving as consultants or your full-service outsourced IT department, Sax Technology Advisors helps businesses establish a robust security posture, perform critical IT management functions, implement internal security awareness initiatives, and ensure a company is holistically secure and properly managed from all angles.

Driven by a team of highly-skilled technology professionals, we leverage the industry’s most sophisticated tools available to protect our clients, their data and their customers. STA does this by helping to eliminate potential exposure points before they impact your business such as network misconfigurations, holes in perimeter protection and employee lapses in security methodologies. We will assist in ultimately strengthening your business’ cyber defenses, operational efficiencies and overall business capabilities so you are as safe and high-performing as possible.

We take a consultative approach to serving your business and its’ specific needs. It all starts with a complimentary, detailed network assessment to identify, prioritize and remedy the issues or provide attention to the following areas:


Matt Hahn

Chief Technology Officer


Meet Matt Hahn

Matthew Hahn is the Chief Technology Officer at Sax LLP and Leader of Sax Technology Advisors. Matt has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, and entered the technology space at its early beginnings.

Matt’s love for technology began at a young age when his father brought him home a Tandy TRS-80 (one of the first computers). From there, Matt fell in love with electronics and specifically computers. Matt’s professional career started off physically building computers and networks from the ground up which allowed him to understand how network infrastructure and systems worked together from a business perspective and not just a hobby perspective.

Matt has gained valuable exposure of the technology arena by having been directly involved in the OEM channel, the Reseller Channel and the MFR channels. From there Matt went into business for himself forming an IT consulting firm. This firm provided a wide range of services to business owners and as the technology sector continued its evolution, Matt stayed ahead of the curve and provided innovative technology solutions as they emerged. His knowledge runs the gamut and his proficiencies cover all areas of technology business solutions.

In 2003, Matt’s IT consulting practice joined forces with a larger organization to help increase his size and scale. From there, Matt built the organization’s Managed IT Services Practice from the ground up and after 14 years he served hundreds of businesses by providing customized technology solutions to meet their individual needs.

The technology division Matt founded received many accolades under his leadership, including being named to the CRN MSP500 Elite 150 Group for the practice’s innovative approach to managed services, and ranked #43 on MSPMentor’s 501 list of the world’s top managed services providers. Matt’s prior technology practice was also named Datto Partner of the Year out of 9,000 other Partners in North America because of Matt’s leadership and advocacy of Datto’s high-quality Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Matt has a host of industry certifications (Microsoft, Security, ITIL, etc.) and is a frequent speaker and author on various topics and updates related to the technology industry. Matt is a Past Member of the Partner Advisory Council of Continuum Managed Services — a leading IT management platform provider. He is a current Member of the Partner Advisory Council of CompTIA — a leading association and voice in the tech community. Matt is also a current Member of the Partner Advisory Council of Datto — a leading provider of business continuity and data recovery solutions. Matt is the only member of Datto’s Global Advisory Board to be invited back for a second three-year term.

Matt was appointed to lead Sax LLP’s new Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services Practice because of his expertise in the technology space, his demonstrated success leading a prior Managed Services Practice, his renowned client service, and because he is a force in the technology industry with valuable relationships with state-of-the-art service providers that will drive Sax Technology Advisors’ high-quality standards and product offerings.