About Us

In a world driven by technology and reliant on data, Sax Technology Advisors (STA) provides solutions and expertise to shield clients from threats while ensuring they are fully functional and productive at all times.

Whether serving as consultants or your full-service outsourced IT department, Sax Technology Advisors helps businesses establish a robust security posture, perform critical IT management functions, implement internal security awareness initiatives, and ensure a company is holistically secure and properly managed from all angles.

Driven by a team of highly-skilled technology professionals, we leverage the industry’s most sophisticated tools available to protect our clients, their data and their customers. STA does this by helping to eliminate potential exposure points before they impact your business such as network misconfigurations, holes in perimeter protection and employee lapses in security methodologies. We will assist in ultimately strengthening your business’ cyber defenses, operational efficiencies and overall business capabilities so you are as safe and high-performing as possible.

We take a consultative approach to serving your business and its’ specific needs. It all starts with a complimentary, detailed network assessment to identify, prioritize and remedy the issues or provide attention to the following areas: