Sax Technology Advisors builds multiple layers of protection for your organization to strengthen your security posture from all angles.

From the outside-in, we will secure your network and insulate your data through state-of-the-art security appliances monitored and managed 24/7 by our information Security Operations Center (SOC). We identify suspicious activity, anomalies and erratic behavior with your network to address issues in vulnerability and proactively defend your organization from exposure.

From the inside-out, we will protect your most important asset — your people. Employees are on the front lines when it comes to malicious breach attempts, and it is mission critical to properly train them on security awareness techniques. Our Internal Security Awareness program will help establish internal policies and procedures as well as provide various training initiatives to arm your staff with the knowledge to best protect your organization from within.

With over 6 billion people expected to be affected by cyberattacks in the coming years, it is vital that you are appropriately protected, and no one is exempt. STA will provide you with true insights as to the state of your network, implement the necessary defense mechanisms and help shield you against any and all cyber threats.

It all starts with a complimentary, detailed network assessment to identify, prioritize and provide expert attention to the protection of your network, data and people.