Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Sax Technology Advisors will help you prepare for the unforeseen so your company is up and running through disruptions of any kind, such as power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, human error and more.

Data back-up answers the questions: Is my data safe? Can I get it back in case of a failure? Business continuity involves thinking about the business at a higher-level and answers the question: How quickly can I get my business operating again in case of a system failure?

Both elements are equally important when addressing how your business will operate during a disruptive event. An effective business continuity plan and data recovery capabilities will ensure you are proactively protecting your systems and data from disasters of all types. This will increase savings, enhance system reliability and improve security so you do not forfeit sales, data, client relationships or your reputation because you are unable to control damage.

If a disaster or significant event were to occur, STA will be there to dilute the impact and ensure critical business functions are accessible, there is no loss of data, and that you’re able to return to regular business activities without missing a beat.

Every company would be affected differently in the event of a system failure. STA takes a consultative approach to creating an effective BC/DR plan tailored specifically to the needs of your business. It all starts with a complimentary, detailed network assessment to identify, prioritize and provide expert attention to your business continuity plan, data recovery processes and more.

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