The hidden universe called the “Dark Web” is a mystery to most average web users. It is home to a wealth of stolen data and illegal activity and it is not picked up by conventional search engines. Because you can operate in the Dark Web anonymously, criminals can hide here with your personal credentials they obtained from a breach of your data and auction them off to the highest bidder.

Sax Technology Advisors are here to inform you and protect you. We scour and monitor all corners of the Dark Web for your compromised data, so you don’t have to.


Watch our DARK WEBinar to get answers to the following questions:


Watch Here


  • What is the Dark Web?
  • Where is the Dark Web?
  • Who uses the Dark Web & why?

And most importantly:

  • Are my credentials on the Dark Web?
  • What do I do if they are?
  • How can I ensure my credentials stay off the Dark Web?


For more information on the Dark Web and whether your company domain has been compromised, please contact Matthew Hahn at [email protected]