Cybersecurity 101: Investing in Your Business’s Front Lines – Your Employees

As a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), if you were to ask us what the greatest cybersecurity risk facing a business is, we would hands down say a company’s employees.

Ironic, we know, since employees want to protect their company just as much as senior management and the IT department.  However, without education on what a cyberattack looks like and how to respond to one, employees can easily fall victim to a breach attempt without ever knowing.  This is what hackers count on.


What do employees need to know?

Human error is the number one cause of successful cyberattacks, and 95% of successful cyberattacks are the result of a “phishing” scam.  These are attempts by hackers to gain fraudulent access into a business to obtain sensitive information or to cause harm to a company’s computer network.

Phishing scams are unleashed through emails from hackers disguised as emails from legitimate senders like the company’s CFO, a client or a staff member’s supervisor, for examples.  These fake emails are designed to easily trick the recipient into thinking it is a normal business email, but they contain corrupt links that take one click to bring a company to its knees.


What is Security Awareness Training?

Today, more and more companies are waking up to the threats hackers pose, and the importance of taking action to fortify their company to combat cyberattacks.

Investing resources and efforts into implementing and maintaining a company’s cybersecurity defenses is extremely important, but as employees are on the front lines when it comes to breach attempts, businesses are missing the boat and taking considerable risks by not providing them with adequate training on cybersecurity.

Security Awareness Training can create a strong line of defense against cyberattacks.  It helps employees to identify threats, and conditions them to properly respond and report issues to their IT team so quick action can be taken to mitigate damage.

Security Awareness Training includes education on how you can distinguish between a phishing email and a legitimate one, password security best practices, threat response once a phishing scam is detected or a breach has been made, and company device security.  A Security Awareness Training program will also include simulated attacks, drills and tests throughout the company on an on-going basis so the mindset for identifying threats is constant and always measured.


Did You Know?

Security-related risks are reduced by 70% when businesses invest in cybersecurity training and awareness.  Also, 93% of cybersecurity professionals agree that humans and technology need to work together to detect and respond to threats – Sax Technology Advisors being one of them.

Security Awareness Training should be consistently administered and enforced from the top-down to ensure a culture of security awareness is fostered.  The program also requires constant evolution and practice to be effective.

Reach out to a Sax Technology Advisor to learn more about cybersecurity defenses, security awareness training, and how we can customize a solution that fits your business and employees perfectly.