5 Questions To Determine Whether Managed IT Services Are Right For Your Business

Leaders of businesses are finding themselves under increasing pressure to innovate to reduce costs, boost operational efficiencies, and maintain a competitive edge. Today’s market is evolving fast, which is why having the right technology partner can go a long way to future-proofing your business. If you’re still reliant on in-house IT, then chances are you’ll > READ MORE

5 Reasons Web Filtering Pays for Itself

Businesses can install a wide range of IT solutions to keep malware at bay, but perhaps the most crucial tool is one that monitors and restricts the activities of employees who use your company network. Web filters provide a layer of security that are indispensable. Here are five easy-to-understand reasons why:   Malware prevention Malicious > READ MORE


  Written by:   Matthew Hahn, Head of Sax Technology Advisors   Did you know that 73% of small businesses have been victims of a cyber-attack?  Passwords protect against unauthorized access, like your house keys, and is an important key to your overall protection.  However, password security is harder than most think. Unfortunately, most technology cannot > READ MORE