DARK WEBinar: Are Your Credentials on the Dark Web?

The hidden universe called the “Dark Web” is a mystery to most average web users. It is home to a wealth of stolen data and illegal activity and it is not picked up by conventional search engines. Because you can operate in the Dark Web anonymously, criminals can hide here with your personal credentials they > READ MORE


  When it comes to speaking with business owners about their current Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) strategy, I am usually met with one of the same four responses time and time again: “Our IT team handles that for us.” “We currently backup to a USB drive or a tape drive that is taken > READ MORE

Matt Hahn Q&A with CRETECH: The Importance of Cybersecurity

Written by:  Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech Full article here We need to chat about something and it’s going to be unpleasant … … no no, I’m not referring to THAT convo that my wife often wants to have with me, It’s about cybersecurity. Everyone knows it’s important but I am afraid most people just want > READ MORE

What Keeps Technology Users Up at Night?

Technology continues to advance the way we work and communicate, and drives most critical business functions. It is important to embrace our new technological capabilities to stay competitive while understanding the significant dangers they pose. When it comes to loss of data, your IT environment, protecting your company from outside threats, staying ahead of new > READ MORE

The Sax Technology Solution Series

Launched by accounting, tax and advisory leader Sax LLP, Sax Technology Advisors provides sophisticated solutions and expertise to protect organizations from threats while ensuring they are fully functional and productive at all times. Join us as we dive into what Sax Technology Advisors is all about from our service offerings, engagement process, service delivery methods, > READ MORE