5 Questions To Determine Whether Managed IT Services Are Right For Your Business

Leaders of businesses are finding themselves under increasing pressure to innovate to reduce costs, boost operational efficiencies, and maintain a competitive edge. Today’s market is evolving fast, which is why having the right technology partner can go a long way to future-proofing your business. If you’re still reliant on in-house IT, then chances are you’ll see many benefits from outsourcing your computing workloads and network management.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five questions you should ask yourself:


#1. Do you need to scale quickly?

If your existing IT infrastructure cannot scale with demand, it won’t be long before productivity starts to suffer, and customers cease getting the value they demand. We’ve all heard about cases like online stores crumbling under the pressure during popular shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If your technology can’t keep up, you’ll miss out on lucrative new opportunities. The ability to expand your team, open new branches, and serve more customers will all be limited.

To scale quickly, you need a managed IT services provider (MSP) to implement cloud and virtualization technologies to create a fully software-defined infrastructure that provides computing resources on-demand.


#2. Do you have a shortage of IT skills?

There’s a reason why IT expertise comes at a premium — the availability of specialized talent simply cannot keep up with demand. Furthermore, few small businesses can afford to pay the six-figure salaries of CIOs, CISOs, and other executive-level IT staff, even if they are available in your area. All too often does this lead to small businesses relying on their regular employees to find temporary workarounds when attempting to resolve IT problems.

One of the most effective ways to address these issues is to partner with an MSP that offers consulting services that accommodate business goals.


#3. Have you suffered a data breach?

Catastrophic data breaches hit the headlines all the time, and many business leaders live in constant fear that they’re going to be targeted next. If you don’t have the necessary security measures in place, then it’s just a matter of time before hackers target your business. If that happens, and your business is lucky enough to survive the incident, then it’s time to rethink your entire technology strategy.

Round-the-clock monitoring is typically the minimal level of service an MSP will offer. This will add an extra layer of protection for your infrastructure.


#4. Is downtime hindering productivity?

Slow and unreliable computers are among the most common sources of frustration among employees. Nothing gets in the way of productivity and morale in the modern workplace than extended periods of downtime that leave workers staring at loading screens. Your customers will also suffer when there’s no one to serve them and, in this day of ample choice, it won’t be long before they start looking elsewhere.

MSPs stipulate their commitments to service availability in their service level agreements. By migrating to the cloud, you can still access mission-critical systems even if your workplace is out of action.


#5. Do you want to enable workforce mobility?

Office work has long been associated with soulless cubicle farms and 9-to-5 schedules, but things are changing fast thanks to the rise of cloud and mobile technologies. More than ever, employees expect a degree of freedom with regards to how, where, and when they work. More people are working from home, on the move, or in the local coffee shop, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. If you can’t accommodate it, both productivity and morale will suffer.

Many MSPs offers a complete range of cloud services that allow you to build a business that’s location-independent where your employees can take their work anywhere by accessing their business applications online.


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